fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Sparkly sparks

A cold that has repeatedly decimated the company I work for (an easy circumstance in a nine-person company ...) has kept me mostly in bed since Friday afternoon, but I felt a little better after lunch today and went down to the Museum of Technology on Riverside (with the 170-foot chimney, it's hard to miss) for a demonstration of Tesla coils. Bumped into bugshaw there; I think her trousers are the backdrop to the brush-discharge photo.

It's there Sunday as well; traditional British well-made hobbyist engineering, actinic sparks, electrical roaring, comforting whiffs of ozone, and there's also a museum of working steam-engines, with a vast furnace whose door, to save on coke, is only ever opened for just long enough to discover that you've got the exposure on your camera wrong. The Teslathon is well-concealed, but worth asking people to find.

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