fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Shortly after the last posting, the sleep-besodden blancmange occupying the space where my brain should be pointed out that I had a perfectly serviceable telescope in the dining room, and that it wasn't that late, and that the moon was at Last Quarter and would be rising even more inconveniently late during the week, so ...

[pocket digicam with the lens put up against the eyepiece of a 114mm reflecting telescope; 900mm focal length scope, 20mm eyepiece, 35mm equivalent lens on digicam, so roughly 1600mm f/14; a slightly cumbersome piece of photographic equipment]

The Appenines at the shore of Mare Imbrium are the line of mountains curving at the top of the shot; at the end of the chain is crater Eratosthenes, then (very white) Copernicus, then the patch further to the left is Kepler. The dark oval at the far left is crater Grimaldi, the big crater in the centre of the disk is the splendidly named Albategnius. The little dot of a crater just above the right-hand end of the chain of mountains at the top (with a bigger one just above it) is called Autolycus; if centred in Cambridge, it would reach to St Neot's and the A1 one side, and to Newmarket and the A142 the other; I'd probably have cycled across it on a sunny Sunday by now.
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