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Another day, another bike ride

It was a lovely Sunday, so I got back on my bike. I couldn't figure out a friendly route to Huntingdon, and all routes to Huntingdon have the problem that you're in Huntingdon at the end, so I did a triangle across to Bourn, up via Conington to Over, then back via Cottenham instead. 50km in four reasonably leisurely hours: has the route.

Words of the trip are 'foraging' and 'exotic fauna'; goats on a farm outside Conington, emus (and nice tea and chocolate cake) on Highgate Farm just outside Willingham, blackberries in the hedgerows, and an apple-tree with beautifully sweet ripe red apples on the little lane between Conington and the A14. I'm sure there were also plums in the hedgerows, but am not quite confident enough to pick a random white-hazed dark-blue fruit and eat it, in case it's deadly nightshade.

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