fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

It's that pie chart again


Very much like last year; I spent less on computers (it is not entirely unreasonable to have a personal belief that computers should not be bought in even-numbered years, and neither Intel nor the ARM ecosystem managed to release anything terribly tempting in 2014).

I've now been doing this for a decade, and it hasn't changed very fundamentally since then:

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I dunno, I'm marginally tempted by the Nexus 9 because AArch64 not made by Apple! I've heard mixed things about the build quality, though, and it's a bit pricy.

Also your pie charts have changed in one way in that they now look way more fancy :)
I'm much more willing to buy an explicit dev-board than to buy a second tablet when I have a perfectly good first-generation iPad Mini, basically through wanting my odd-architecture machines to be things I can stick in the shed and SSH into over ethernet. I do have a Tegra-K1-with-A15 devboard and might well pick up a Tegra-K1-with-Denver devboard once those are routinely available, because real-hardware AArch64 would be so nice after working in emulators for three years.
Also your pie charts have changed in one way in that they now look way more fancy :)

I'm not sure I'd agree. On the one hand, nicer font, antialiasing, and subtle gradient fills; but on the other, the old system's willingness to put labels further away and draw a linking line would have come in kind of handy at the top of this year's chart...
Could I suggest that next year's chart include a segment for "sliced desserts" so that it would actually be a pie chart? :)

How do you distinguish "travel" and "holiday"?
'travel' is car-shares into work, bus tickets into town, taxis to the doctor and the dentist, and trains and planes to see family in the places that they live when I'm going there to see them.

'holiday' is everything else, and includes hotels, tour-group costs, and money spent as cash while I'm abroad (because multi-currency accounting is tedious) as well as plane tickets; if I have coffee and cakes in Edinburgh while I'm there for the folk-dance festival that's HOLIDAY.FOOD.