fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

I no longer have to worry that my pictures of cauteries are out of focus

Wow, that was quick! We reached the £200 target on JustGiving before the discomfort in my ankles and the numbness in the side of my left little finger went away, and indeed less than 24 hours after I crossed the finish line!

Many thanks also to the people who have contacted me to say that they are donating to the charity directly rather than going through JustGiving.

You'll see on the JustGiving site that I've put in the promised matching donation.

If you did want to see the medical instruments, the relevant section of the museum's well-photographed and detailed catalogue is here (moderately large PDF file). What were on display at the museum were modern reconstructions of devices mentioned in Albucasis's great text from the turn of the 11th century.
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