fivemack (fivemack) wrote,


Just done my first hundred-mile bike ride: the Cambridge 100, Impington .. Swaffham Bulbeck .. Fordham .. Prickwillow .. outskirts of Littleport .. Downham Market .. Watlington .. Upwell .. Welney .. Pymoor .. Ely .. Wilburton .. Cottenham .. Impington.

I discovered on Thursday that this was supposed to be a sponsored bike ride to raise money for prostate cancer research, so it would be lovely if you could donate at I'll match anything donated (up to £200 total) and then use ARM's offer to match donations by their employees, so (thanks to the marvels of Gift Aid) every pound you donate will provide something like £3.50 for prostate cancer research.

If the fundraising goes slowly, I will dig out my copious collection of photos from the Istanbul Museum of Eye-Watering Surgical Devices Of The Early Caliphate, a period noted for exquisite blade-making and really rather inadequate anaesthesia, and post them with annotations - generally anatomical diagrams of the kind you would prefer not to see labelled 'cut here', thus labelled. This would be both uncomfortable for my readers and a moderate amount of work for me, so it would be lovely were the fundraising not to go too slowly.
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