fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Some Mesoamerican birds


A DSC_0054

B DSC_0198

C DSC_0208

D DSC_0216

E DSC_0221

F DSC_0272

G DSC_0276

H DSC_0277

I DSC_0657

J DSC_0664

K DSC_0720

L DSC_0764

M DSC_0771

N DSC_0816

O DSC_0920

P DSC_0923

Q, Q' DSC_1023

R DSC_1041

S DSC_1034

T DSC_1096

U DSC_1071

A is a grackle. F is something egret-ish. I is some kind of tubenose. K reminds me of B but is clearly not the same. L is a woodpecker, M is a vulture, O is a frigate-bird, P is something like a sandpiper, Q and Q' are a pelican and a cormorant, S is another pelican.

As for the others, I am quite unsure. E is quite an exquisite interpretation of the Little Brown Jobbie, if a bit large. Suggestions in comments?
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