fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

I'm back in England now, and so there is no longer an obvious point each evening to upload photos. But there are lots of photos left; I'll start with this nice iridescent dragonfly that I found in the grounds of Schloss Schleißheim ten miles outside Munich


And, since you probably haven't heard of Schloss Schleißheim, I'd better post a picture.


The palace was built in 1701-04 by the Elector of Bavaria on a Versailles scale and with spectacular gardens equipped with fountains; this is a shot with a long lens from the end of the formal gardens a quarter-mile away. He was expecting to become Holy Roman Emperor, at which point the palace might well have been as famous as Versailles, but didn't. I was in Schleißheim to see the aircraft collection of the Deutsches Museum, and the Schloss happens to be between the S-bahn station and the museum; it came as a complete and very pleasant surprise.

The aircraft collection had some obvious and impressive things


And some smaller and less bombastic things


The plaque is readable in the original with a bit of processing, and says 'Zur Erinnerung aus meine Landung ohne Räder aus LVUL II.197: Schwerind 19-3-1917'; the clock is clearly mounted on the remains of the propeller hub after that wheels-up landing.
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