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Today and tomorrow I'm in Mendoza, on the edge of the Andes; 750 miles west of Buenos Aires, 250 miles east of Santiago in Chile. It has a bakery named for Brillat-Savarin

Five city parks (Chile, Italy, Spain, San Martin, and Independence) arranged in a quincunx

(This is the monument to Eternal Hispano-Argentine Friendship erected in Plaza Espana)

A civic building which, for no clear reason at all, has a set of councillor-style chairs pulled around the rotunda by a little train

On a hill a pleasant hour's walk west of the city centre, where you can see clearly how the city fits into the landscape and the foothills,

You can visit the excessive monument to San Martin

and to his horse

And have condors flying around above you much as you would have seagulls in England

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