fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Where the money went, 2012 edition

2012 spending breakdown

I bought a house; the actual deposit-handing-over does not appear in this pie chart, but the stamp duty, solicitors' fees, redecoration upstairs, redecoration downstairs, repair of garden fence, refurbishment of electric wiring, installation of one hundred feet of book shelving, replacement of cooker, new dishwasher, rewaterproofing of bath and replacement of hot water cylinder with a new unholy one do. That absorbed all my savings for the year and about three thousand pounds besides, but the stock market has been very good to me this year and accumulated dividends cover the gap even before looking at capital growth.

'HOLIDAY' includes my trip to Egypt in November, and the flight and first-few-nights accommodation for my upcoming trip to Argentina in March.

See here for last year's pie.
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