fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

State of the fivemack

The fivemack is currently a gentlemen of leisure, which is like a NEET but with a healthier bank account; he has this week off and starts at ARM on Monday.

Thanks to uitlander, the meadow is strimmed and looking much more like a lawn.

Thanks to ghoti's bakfiets, the house is equipped with coffee-table books, tea and coffee.

Thanks to Panther Taxis the house is equipped with a coffee-table and six chairs.

Thanks to the house is equipped with a dining-table and a comfy chair, the outbuilding holds a large fraction of my miscellaneous mathom collection, and much of the abandoned mathom collection of the previous owners has been consigned to the tip.

And thanks to many of my friends the house is pleasantly warmed and has chocolate.

So the fivemack is generally in a quite acceptable state; and walking and cycling backwards and forwards to the house variably heavily laden is probably quite good for him.

Tomorrow should be a red-letter day: not only does the fridge arrive, but so does the man who will remove the undesirable fittings from the living room and the front bedroom.
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