fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Canvassing industrial pilgrims

Would any of my readers be interested in a tour of Drax, the four-gigawatt coal-fired power station located mid-way between Leeds and Hull? Tours have to be arranged specially, but the logistics are not substantially worse for a small group than for an individual. I am a shareholder, but I don't think that owning eleven hundred nanodraxes will get me any usefully special treatment.

I'll need to ring and get absolutely basic information like whether it's possible to go at a weekend, but I'd quite like to know before then whether I'd be going alone or contemplating booking a minibus. Would be planning to go sometime-in-October, assuming that plans don't have to be made months in advance.

Poll #1779585 Organising a more communal adventure

Please register a provisional interest

I would be interested even if it were mid-week
I would be interested if it's at a weekend
I cannot reasonably get to North Yorkshire
Fields of coal the size of Midsummer Common do not interest me
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