fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Exercise for apprentice photointerpreters (click images to embiggen)

This photograph, students, was taken at 1238 Dubai time on March 13th from seat 47A of Emirates flight 763, which had taken off from Dubai airport en route to Johannesburg almost exactly two hours earlier. The aircraft was proceeding southwards oven the Yemen at approximately 900kph at an altitude of ten thousand metres; our operator used a 27-millimetre focal length lens on a Nikon D50, and the aircraft crossed the coast between al-Hajaf and al-Bahiyah approximately twenty-one minutes later.

Today's exercise should be no great problem for you: find the confluence of river canyons at the bottom on Google Maps, and tell me how you did it.

Once you have given up in frustration, marvel at the strange things one finds in the desert; this picture was taken about twenty minutes after takeoff, the point of the teardrop is at 24.144N 55.923E, near the UAE/Oman border at the town of Al-Ain - note that there's nothing on the Google map in that location, though a good deal on the satellite picture. There's been a fair amount of new construction since the Google Maps satellite image was taken)

and the amazing shapes of the terraced hills of Ethiopia (taken about an hour after the Yemeni canyon image, and looks as if it must be somewhere around 9.7N 42.5E, but the season's different on the Google Earth images of that bit of Ethiopia and I haven't a clue how to make a more exact match)

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