fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Hitting things with an axe and then setting fire to them

I have an adequate pick-axe; I believe some people enjoy hitting things with an axe.

When I moved into this house, the garden contained three large and awkwardly-placed tree stumps. I have removed rather less than one tree-stump a year, and there is now one left. I have dug a medium-sized hole around it and got to the point where it is necessary to beat upon its many roots repeatedly with sharpened iron, but have failed for eight weeks to proceed beyond this point.

Would anyone care to join me in my garden at 3pm on Saturday 20 February, to remove with pick and shovel as much of the tree-stump as can be removed before the light fails, and then move to my living room to sit in front of the hot fire on which the previous tree-stump will be burned? Bring own mattock if you have one. Tea and biscuits will be provided while the axes are in use, liquor and pistachios afterwards. Axe-based parts of event will be cancelled in case of heavy rain.

(Please RSVP so that I know exactly how many axe-wielding maniacs to anticipate)
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