fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Nintendo made me overweight!

In particular, even if I distrust the fourth significant figure on the Wii Fit BMI readout, I am no longer obese. I have not been this light for three years.

Giving up breakfast, scaling down supper to one slice of rye bread thickly laden with cold meats, cheese and salad (I essentially don't eat normal bread at home now, which is slightly sad since I'd finally figured out how to get the breadmaker to work reliably), and doing a 45-minute workout in the morning between two and five times a week, I've lost something like seven kilos since the start of September.

Everyone tells me that giving up breakfast is a mistake, but I don't seem to see ill effects from it. It may be that breakfast is important for recovering from getting out of bed while still sleepy, but I have a three-minute walk to work and am not required to be there at any fixed time, so have the great luxury of getting out of bed only when I've woken up thoroughly.
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