fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Wii Fit Plus

There are desert-dwelling lizards who subsist on an exclusive diet of hallucinogenic mushrooms which are saner than this game, which my parents very kindly bought me for Christmas

  • Train mind and body at the same time, by shaking your booty against light-up mushrooms the numbers on the illuminated ones of which must add up to a given total

  • Balance on a giant beach-ball, as avatars of your friends dressed in clown costumes throw balls at you which you must juggle by waving your arms

  • Ride a virtual Segway across a sandy beach, hunting down and bursting balloons held by partly-buried aggressive robot moles

  • Three words: Marching Band Hero

  • Four more words: Rhythmic Kung Fu Poses

And to add extra custard to this anchovy and weasel pizza of insanity, it also has a perfectly serious golf-swing trainer.
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