fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Insufficiently often appreciated

Yay for waterproof trains. This is by Cambridge standards quite a thunderstorm, flash and bang five seconds apart, and in this train I can ignore it.

Owing to a satellite outage, VIA Rail wifi is of degraded quality, and accordingly free - not a line I've seen in sci-fi though Clarke would have liked it.

Ottawa is beautifully sited and the National Gallery is pretty good: a fine place to spend an afternoon. Public transport in Kingston is not great and the Kingston Mills locks turn out to be a 10km walk from Fort Hemry and markedly less impressive than the flight of locks in absolutely-central Ottawa. The kite-surfers on the lake at Kingston were amazing, and the shipboard B&B a fine recruiting tool for at least the officer-level positions in the 1960s Canadian coastguard.
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