fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Things to do in Canada in the summer.

The American Crystallographic Association have their annual conference in Toronto 25-30 July; Worldcon is 6-10 August; flights are cheaper at weekends, Canada is a nice country and my boss is generous with holiday allowance, so I'll be flying to Toronto on 24 July and flying back from Montreal on 15 August.

Which gives me most of two weeks at liberty in Canada. Inspired by Stan Rogers, I was planning after Worldcon to get on a train and head to Halifax, rent a bicycle and spend a few days cycling along bits of the Nova Scotian coast before heading back to Montreal airport; is this sensible, or are the small roads of Nova Scotia built (like the small roads of eastern coastal Norfolk) carefully out of sight of anything scenic, and used only by bears and badly-driven eighty-ton coal trucks ?

I assume I can amuse myself happily for a week in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and intermediate parts, travelling on trains and sleeping in youth hostels; what should I be sure not to miss in that region? I had a short but intense trip to Toronto a few years back which took in Niagara Falls, Casa Loma and such parts of the Royal Ontario Museum as weren't being rebuilt; I've spent some time in Montreal but only in the deep mid-winter.

Also, are there likely to be useful things I can do if I turn up at the Worldcon venue a day or so early?
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