fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Who put those there?

The seaside, except in places prone to disturbing tectonic excitement, is flat. Norfolk is so flat that its mountain rescue service is too obvious to be the topic of surreal jokes. So how come the ride from Happisburgh to Cromer appears to consist exclusively of thigh-melting hills?

I got up at 8:30, caught the 9:12 to Norwich, and was in Lowestoft around 11:30. A brief visit to the easternmost point of England, then along coastal roads to Great Yarmouth and a little beyond; a Ploughman's lunch in a caff by the beach at Caister. More coastal roads to Cromer, via the top of the tower at Happisburgh and candid shots of the UK-EU Natural Gas Pipeline Interconnect at Becton and the golf-ball of the coastal defence radar at Trimingham, and onto the 17:59 to Norwich. is the route.

I took my newly-cleaned DSLR, for which my neck will not thank me come the morrow; it is not a light body, nor is the 18-200 lens easily confused with a helium balloon.

Ah. I've been distinctly lucky. Just as I put the bike onto the train home, the front gear cable snapped and fell off.The gear cable lying under my bike as I moved it to a more convenient place on the train turned out not to be mine.
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