fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Anyone interested in comic music Sunday evening?

At St Luke's on Victoria Road, we have tomorrow evening (

'STEPHEN TABERNER and BEATRICE the Double Bass in concert, supported by GRANDPA GEORGE AND HIS JUMPING FLEAS UKELELE BAND 8pm SUNDAY 31 AUGUST COST £8, £6 Stephen takes to the stage with his beloved double bass, Beatrice, to titillate your ears with a sly array of quirky, funky and melancholic songs exploring, amongst other things, teenage angst, the existential life of goldfish, and the secret life of peaches. Grandpa George will be singing a harmonious and light-hearted cocktail of carefully constructed ukelele -accompanied delicacies to delight the ears!'

It's just down the road from me and looks as if it might be fun; would anyone care to join me?
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