fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Well, that's another holiday destination ruled out

OK, it looks as if Russia is trying to do to Georgia in re South Ossetia what NATO did to Serbia in re Kosovo; I'm a little surprised I haven't heard Russian politicians making the comparison explicit. Except that Kosovo did not seek immediate merger with Albania, whilst I suspect the resolution of the current mess may well have South Ossetia become part of Russia de jure rather than the current de-facto status.

Time to import more wine, maybe. My sympathies are generally with Georgia, small democracies starting off with quite a lot of points in their favour against Russia, except for the major detail that, as far as I can see, Georgia started this debacle. They can't have expected the Russians to behave other than they have, so what did they expect to achieve?

Has Lebanon been war-free for long enough to contemplate a visit? My plans for Easter 2009 are still unformed.
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