fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

I still exist

The company I work for has a three-day annual jamboree when representatives from all our customers come to Cambridge to be shown new developments, asked how to prioritise even newer developments, fed a splendid meal at one of the more culinarily esteemed colleges, and vigourously interrogated as to any bugs they might or might not have found in the software.

To prepare for this I was working ten-hour days (though with the afternoon off on Sunday) from the Monday before last to last Friday, and have had little time to do anything else.

It is over. It is the weekend. I can relax. Since Oxford Today had sent me a 15%-off-Homebase voucher, I bought twenty-four feet of square-section spruce, some wood-glue, some clamps and a mitre saw, with the intention of building either a 3D cycle whose 2D projections are acyclic, or a Menger sponge, out of pieces of wood mitred together. Drivers are very courteous towards a cyclist with three-foot batons of wood attached with bungee-cord to the pannier clips of his bicycle.

I've moved the tomato, pepper, aubergine, coriander and purple-basil plants out of the plastic greenhouse, because in the plastic greenhouse they are guaranteed to die if I forget to water them, whilst outside there's at least the possibility that the rain will help. There is a teeny weeny pepper already growing on the pepper plant; do I need to prune the tomato plant to get it to encourage its efforts into tomatoes rather than leaves.
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