fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Finance question #8871b

This is the classic question that occurs whenever you read about mildly exotic financial instruments: how do I go about buying them?

I'd like to buy, through the European ETS, permission to emit fifty tons of CO2 in 2008-9. I have no intention of emitting fifty tons of CO2 this year - it's about five times the UK's per-capita annual CO2 output, the equivalent of ten round-the-world flights or fifteen years of my electricity usage - but as far as I have read a carbon-trading scheme only works in a green fashion if there are people prepared to buy CO2-emission permits and then not emit the CO2.

Lots of sites give a vague figure as to how much an ETS ton of CO2 costs, lots of sites say that there's a secondary market in the things; has a graph at the side of the page suggesting that the fifty tons of CO2 would cost me about a thousand pounds (EUR23.40/ton), and will graciously permit me to see more data for the trifling sum of twelve hundred Euros, but I can't find anywhere that will take a cheque for a thousand pounds, inscribe me on the EU Carbon Registry at, and give me the certificates.
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