fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Sheep, souping of

I made Sunday lunch for mobbsy, sonicdrift and my housemate-brother Ben; 1.3kg of lovely leg of lamb from the local butcher, rubbed with garlic and thyme and salt and olive oil and with a whole bulb of garlic cut in half horizontally and roasted under it for tasty caramelised-garlic goodness, gratin dauphinois so that I could indulge my desire to peel potatoes into non-existence with my clever swivelly potato peeler (this turned out to be unspeakably tedious, though to produce potato nubs of bizarre geometric shapes; the cheese-slicing blade on the grater works better), green beans, roast butternut squash with sage. Afterwards, a chocolate pudding (standard four-ounce-of-everything chocolate cake mix, add raisins, bake in a long thin thing rather than a cake tin) served with vanilla ice cream from the shop. It was all well-received.

Now I have a large lamb leg-bone. There's clearly three sandwiches of meat on it, which can come off into sandwiches; then I have a big bone, and given bones I usually contemplate boiling them and making soup. I have carrots, parsnips, broccoli and leeks to put in soup; the caramelised garlic was so nice that I'd happily caramelise another garlic, but I'm not sure how well it works as a soup ingredient.

The last sheep stock I made was very thin and rather greasy; can I have some advice on the making of sheep soup? Something, probably one of the feasts from papersky's The King's Peace, makes me think pearl barley should be involved; I have pearl barley, but the pack says it must be boiled for an hour before it softens, and surely it would have to go in after the soup is blended, and at this point we'd be eating soup at ten after an evening of stressful soup synthesis.
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