fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Gym numbers

My company decided to buy us all gym membership as a perk; the gym is conveniently located between the office, which is three minutes from my house, and the centre of town, so I really have no excuse not to go.

I was Assessed and given an exercise schedule; I'm writing it down here to demonstrate my unfitness to the gym-visiting parts of the watching world, and because it is less likely to be lost as an LJ post than as a bit of blue card in a poorly-organised box file in the gym, and in the hope that I might be able to look back in December next year and marvel at how small the weights I could lift in 2007 were, and with how few reps.

Two sets of

Bicep curls, 8lb weight, 20 of
Vertical row, 8lb weight, 20 of
Raise arms from side to parallel with shoulders, 5lb weight, 20 of
Bar-bell lift from sternum to full arm extension, 20kg extra weight, 10 of
Triceps exercise (one knee up on weights-bench, other leg stretched out; bring arm back from parallel to knee to full extension), 8lb weight, 15 of
Ten minutes on aerobic machine of choice (I think they'd like me to row, but nothing has yet been invented more tedious than the rowing machine)
Abs crunches, 20 of
Plank (upper arms flat on floor in front of you, elbows together; push up onto tiptoe) 20s, 2 of
Abs crunches, 20 more of

This takes about three quarters of an hour, and leaves me thoroughly sweaty and with shoulders and abs strongly reminding me of their continued presence.

Running on the treadmill makes my knee hurt within a minute; walking on the treadmill, or using the elliptical machines or the stepping machine, makes me sweat, and my heart rate rise from 140 to 170 over ten minutes, but my knee's OK.
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