fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

A strategem that I do not understand

When seeing Starlight with despotliz a few weeks back, I saw a trailer for The Golden Compass, and thought that the CGI (particularly the running armoured-bear scenes) looked sketchy and unfinished and poorly-blended with the background, and that this would make me very annoyed watching the film.

I saw it with my brother Ben this evening, and the animation is now finished, blends nicely, and isn't distracting at all. I think I had the same problem with the trailer and satisfaction with the film with Fellowship of the Ring.

I know film-making is the art of pushing deadlines to the absolute limit, but I don't see that producing a trailer with low-quality animation is the right trade-off to make - it's designed to show off the film in sixty seconds, for visual-effects-driven films it must make sense to show off the visual effects! At least this film wasn't proceeded by one of those ninety-second spork-gougingly tedious 'don't steal movies' adverts.
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