fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Thessaloniki 3

More Byzantine churches, gold-tessera mosaics of the saints and an overpowering smell of incense from the burning scented oils. The Roman Forum (signposted, of course, as 'Roman Agora'), with well-preserved covered shopping mall. Following the traditional habits of Englishmen and climbing the steep street by the main walls to the Eptapyrgeon (seven towers, though I could only see a couple of them and you couldn't get inside) of the Byzantine walled bit right at the top; the Eastern Empire being no slouches at military matters, the view even from the bottom of the watch-towers was quite astounding.

The Archaeological Museum of Thessalonika, which had good artefacts (some really spectacular filigree-gold grave goods from about 300BC, high-class mosaic entranceways from upper-class Romano-Macedonian houses, a few glorious portrait busts) and really rather good expository text; it helped to have wandered around the city for a few days and figured out roughly where the sites were on the ground. Lots of models of what buildings would have looked like.

A cruise around the bay, wandering along the sea-front at sunset and encountering the old lady who feeds all the stray cats of this part of town, roast fish for supper and back to the hostel.
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