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Things fivemack discovered today

There is in fact a good reason why travelling without a vehicle is called 'backpacking' rather than 'large unwieldy duffel-bagging'; Ben has lent me Dad's large green backpack.

The Sot-Weed Factor, surpassing dense as it is in verbosity, is also much heavier even than most books its size.

Waterloo Station is next to the Great London Aquarium, so, after having to get to London two hours early because the trains stop running at noon, I ought to be able to get in an hour and a half of fish before getting on the Eurostar.


Saturday 8/9On the sleeper Strasbourg->Vienna
9/9, 10/9Porzellaneum hostel, Vienna
11/9On the sleeper Vienna->Belgrade
12/9, 13/9, 14/9Star Hostel, Belgrade
15/9, 16/9Nis Hostel, Nis
17/9, 18/9Mostel Hostel, Sofia
19/9On the sleeper Sofia->Istanbul
20/9, 21/9, 22/9Istanbul Hostel, 35 Kutlu Gun Sokak, Sultanahmet, Byzantium
23/9Easyjet flight 2384 arr Luton Airport 1500

Hostels appear to have Internet even in the smaller cities of Serbia, so I'll probably post more from the Balkans than I usually do from England.
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