fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Garden medley

I bought, a few months ago, a bag of Miscellaneous Seeds.

They grew no beanstalks to heaven (fortunate, since I had returned the axe), but flowers in undeniable miscellany; I planted them densely enough that the snails couldn't get them all.

I wonder if snails that have feasted on broccoli plants are a delicacy? I have had a total of seven beans from the bean plants, the carrots have not thrived, and all but one of the broccoli plants are snail-plagued skeletons. The potato plants are copious, but their leaves an unhealthy yellow; should they have flowered yet?

My brother James (to whom many happy returns of the day) pointed out that, by discussing FORTRAN, email out-sourcing and the state of the Polish wheat harvest, I might well have driven off every single visitor to this blog. However, any remaining visitors will know more about flowers than I do; can you identify any of these plants? I'd particularly like a name for the shy blue flower with a white inner and a yellow centre, that produces a flower most mornings which has dropped off and been replaced elsewhere the next evening - you can see it more clearly in the huge picture that you get by clicking on the top picture of the bed.
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