fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Seeking an email outsourcing service

The company I work for would like to stop devoting local admin effort to its email.

There are perhaps a dozen of us, we also have half a dozen mailing lists which we'd like to see archived. We'd like authenticated webmail access.

I think what we want is a service which will run an IMAP server for us, and provide webmail access and mailing-list service. A significantly worse alternative would be a coloced Linux-box with RAID disc and with a minion to sort out backup tapes and to swap out discs when they fail, since we'd still have to manage it, and if the computer itself failed we'd have to go to the bother of setting up another one (with newer hardware, hence newer kernel, software faff, backup faff ...)

Googling on 'email outsourcing' finds me organizations happy to work with corporations who want as few as ten thousand accounts.

Another question: how practical is it to use securID or similar one-time passwords in a ten-person company? Will EDS deign to listen to a request for ten securIDs?
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