fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Gratuitous exercise, part 2

It became Saturday, and my knees didn't fall off, even after swimming a kilometre; I know swimming's good for me, but there are few sights more tedious than the bottom of the middle-speed lane at Parkside Pool for the thirty-eighth time. I went to Charles' halfth birthday party at rmc28's house, and watched simont's amazing videos of animated Newton Set fractals; it's an idea that I too had had some years ago (see here), but I'd run into the limitations of video compression and lost interest, whilst Simon had treated it as an exercise in choreography and executed it wonderfully. I think you can just about generate the fractals in realtime in high definition on a Playstation 3, but a PS3, particularly since you'd also want an HDTV to plug it into, is a little expensive to get one on spec just for that purpose.

Sunday was also sunny, so I got myself and my bicycle on a morning train to Thetford, and proceeded to Lynn, wishing everyone I passed on the way a happy Easter. This is a nice mix of landscapes, sandy heathland in Thetford Forest with the sound of smallarms fire coming from behind fields full of happy sheep - lots of Thetford Forest was taken over by the military just before the first world war and is still used - and then green rolling fields from about Watton, and a new 14-megawatt wind-farm at North Pickenham before reaching the flint houses of Swaffham in time for lunch. I cannot recommend eating at the Red Lion on Swaffham marketplace; their 'steak baguette' has a filling of the consistency of kebab-meat, cut insultingly thin. On past Narford Hall, a map-reading error took me half way to Castle Acre where I met a nice elderly couple who had their own map, and finally a sweep down the A1076 from Gayton into Lynn. There are some silly road names here.

Sculpture outside the police station in Watton:

Narford Hall unfortunately turns out (according to Google) to be the ancestral home of one of England's more virulent contemporary fascists; but you can't really blame the house for that:

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