fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Good Friday ride

I have finally realized that trains can take you to and from the start of cycle trips, and exploited this to the full over the Easter weekend. I'd initially wanted to go to the Norfolk Broads, but the line to Norwich and Yarmouth was being fixed; so I contemplated Ipswich, and remembered what was near there.

Here's the route; I thought that it would be impossible to miss the bridge at Woodbridge, I was expecting some mighty arc of steel forged by an East Anglian Brunel. This is not the case - the river Deben becomes suddenly unexciting just off the top of OS map 169, and the bridge is a pathetic little thing, so, looking for a Pont-du-Gard, I found myself most of the way to Wickham Market (and cycling down one junction's worth of the A12) before deciding I had made a mistake. Found a lady gardening in Campsey Ash who told me how to get back, and the return route was through Rendlesham, which is of course appropriate for visiting Sutton Hoo.

It's a pleasant museum, with a reconstruction of the contents of the burial, lots of interviews with the people who'd made the reconstruction trying to give an idea of how fiddly it was to make such elaborate cloisonné items, and one or two of the real artefacts borrowed from the British Museum; for some reason I'd thought that the whole of the British Museum's collection of items from the tombs had been transferred to the National Trust for display, though on reflection the idea of the British Museum deaccessioning that many pieces should have been up there with Ian Paisley calling a press conference in Tel Aviv to announce his conversion to Islam.

This one's for hilarityallen who was complaining in the pub about the inadequacies of Saxon ribaldry: she's right.

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