fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Does anyone here read the One True Script?

I have just finished a box of particularly superb green tea that some Chinese colleagues of my mother gave her as a Christmas present; it was refreshing and gloriously smooth, and I would like to get some more.

Unfortunately, the box was clearly brought from China, presumably from Dalian in the north (a relatively obscure port with only twice the population of the Birmingham metropolitan area, formerly known as Port Arthur) since that's where the researchers came from, and its one concession to the script of the Western barbarians is the cryptic text 'JING ZHI CHA LI'. I am perfectly illiterate in Chinese; I fear all my readers may share this deficiency, but I know some of them know a great deal about tea.

Can anyone help me find more tea?

[trying to find in Wikipedia the name that Chinese people use for the Chinese script, I came across the beautiful fact that the obsolete character for 'verbose' is the character for 'dragon' written four times in a little square. 'Dragon!' is one of the few exclamations I can easily forgive being repeated four times ...]
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