fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Tom's exciting weekend

This weekend, I have bought stuff for cleaning camera lenses, a useful box for storing documents in, a giant stainless-steel clothes drier, stuff for cleaning toilets, cakes of purple and of yellow soap from Lush, food for the week and a bottle of relatively indelible black ink.

I have transferred about three strata of documents from my table to the useful box, cleaned my camera lenses, put away two loads of laundry, cleaned the toilet that the letting-agency complained about in the inspection last Friday until it gleams, festooned the drier with clothes from a third load of laundry, filled both my nice fountain pens and covered my fingers with ink, and given myself a pleasant lavender fragrance with the purple soap.

Also went to beckyc and ewx's parties, discovered that my flapjacks are received even better if I put far too few oats in them and end up with large slabs of chocolate-coated toffee, chatted to acronym about music until 3:30 on Sunday morning, and had a lovely Sunday lunch with my parents and brothers.
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