fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Ludicrously detailed Neapolitan nativity


This is a Nativity scene displayed in the Palace Chapel of the Royal Palace at Naples. The Christ-child can be seen down and to the left of the yellow angel, or up and to the right of the large group of Moorish musicians (wearing scarlet, just to the right of the leftmost camel), barely visible above a sheep.

Click to zoom in; the image spans nicely across two HD monitors, or you can pan around it on a normal computer.
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It reminds me more of a Pratchett cover than most nativity scenes...



February 23 2015, 20:44:00 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  February 23 2015, 20:48:25 UTC

Wait, is the Christ Child the standing up infant coming out of the mineshaft, or the lying-in-a-manger blob below that? If the latter, who's the kid in the mine? Or is this like the two skulls of John the Baptist (one from when he was a child, and one as an adult...)?
Also, why does that sheep have a human head growing out of its back? I'd say this looks more like one of those Bruegel paintings of Hell than a nativity.


March 1 2015, 16:33:02 UTC 1 year ago

It's Ben

if you liked this, then you may like The Miracle Maker- in which, they move!

or even, the fool of the world and the flying ship.