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Suppose you have taken a photo with some stars in it, and you can't remember exactly what you were trying to point at at the time. For example, this one


I've had to mangle it a bit in Photoshop to make it more obvious that it's a field full of stars.

If you go to and click 'upload' and send them the full-size, unmangled-in-Photoshop version of the picture (available here) then after forty seconds of processing in the cloud you get back

Center (RA, Dec):(96.103, 34.407)
Center (RA, hms):06h 24m 24.652s
Center (Dec, dms):+34° 24' 25.689"
Size:43.5 x 28.9 deg
Radius:26.107 deg
Pixel scale:36.5 arcsec/pixel
Orientation:Up is 129 degrees E of N

and a version of the image with the stars and constellations marked on it:

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