fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Places I slept in 2010 (italicised on business)

  • My house (most of the time)
  • In a hotel in a posh village in Cheshire, ten miles down a terrifyingly winding road from Alderley Park (2 nights)
  • Under canvas in a variety of organised campsites around southern Africa (12 nights)
  • The Radisson hotel at Heathrow for Eastercon (3 nights)
  • In a tent in a field near Orford (2 cold nights)
  • A B&B at one end of the Isle of Wight (2 nights)
  • The youth hostel down the road from the Needles at the other end of the Isle of Wight (1 night)
  • A nice hotel near San Bernardo metro station in Madrid (3 nights)
  • A mediocre high-rise hotel two blocks from the Magnificent Mile in Chicago (8 nights)
  • The red-eye CHI-LHR (1 sleepless night)
  • The Shatan hotel just next to Jingshan park in Beijing (4 nights)
  • On a sleeper-train from Beijing to Xi'an (1 night)
  • The Jianguo hotel just east of the city walls of Xi'an (3 nights)
  • On a sleeper-train from Xi'an to Shanghai (1 night)
  • The Metropole hotel, two blocks from the Bund in Shanghai (5 nights)
  • A hotel not managing to reach mediocrity, above the Eurobar sports bar in central Oxford (2 nights)
  • A hotel run entirely without seeing a human, above the La Baguette baguette shop near Reading station (1 night)
  • At my parents' house over Christmas (3 nights)

Without writing them down and counting them, I wouldn't have thought that I'd spent 15% of my nights last year away from home.
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