fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

In die veldt is daar 'n bok

This is an eland, the largest antelope; named after the Dutch word for 'moose'. The fields of southern Africa contain a striking variety of medium-sized browsing and grazing herbivores, generally listed under the heading of 'bok'; click below to see seven other kinds. As always, click on any picture to get a bigger version.

The long-horned gemsbok
The blauwildebeeste, or gnu
The impala, whose ability both to browse and to graze has made it the most common antelope of the veldt
The majestic curly-horned kudu, symbol of the South African national parks
The tiny little steenbok: mates for life, so most pictures contain two steenbok pushmi-pullyu style
The splendidly-masked and strikingly-horned sable (left) and the Red Hartebeest (right)
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