fivemack (fivemack) wrote,

Making a note here: complete success

I measured the bath-plug carefully as 41mm base outside diameter, and wandered to town. Mackays sold me a beautiful inch-and-three-quarters stainless-steel bath plug with rubber O-ring for £4.58: they had sold out of cheap long-nosed pliers but I was able to borrow some, and the new plug is now fitted and shines in watertight splendour.

Maybe the best of all possible worlds would not have included the spectacular hailstorm that I got caught in walking over to pick up the pliers, but such is life, and ceb had a fluffy purple towel ready as soon as I opened her door.

There will be gratuitous shiny photos when BT have fixed my ADSL and I don't have to post from the iPhone, but at their present rate of progress it may be fixed by Easter.
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