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So far this spring, I've planted

  • The far end of the middle main bed with Assorted Orange Seeds

  • The left near bed with Assorted Mediterranean Seeds

  • Five geraniums in the little bed by the shed where the bricks are missing from the path

  • Two broad-bean rows in the long rectangular bed along the shed

  • Two carrot rows and a fractal-broccoli row in the far end of the left main bed

  • A large purple mutant geranium at the near end of the left main bed

  • A potato row, sprouting enthusiastically already, all of the right main bed

  • Ten marigolds and two fractal-broccoli rows in the near end of the middle main bed

  • The near right-hand wilderness with grass seed

  • Ladybird-attracting sage, mint and thyme around the bottom of the aphid-ridden rosebush

  • Two blue flowers and a fancy nasturtium at the front of the right near bed

I've still got a bag of lobelia seed, a bag of dahlia seed, and half a bag of broad-bean seed in case the first half-bag is devoured by squirrels. My Google history includes 'getting rid of squirrels', 'squirrel poison', 'humane squirrel trap' and 'tasty squirrel recipes', though I have taken no actual action yet.

By Summer, assuming that I successfully add 'water everything' (which now takes three cans-full) to my daily routine, this should be looking very much like a garden. Truly, the gastropods of Cambridgeshire have a series of glorious and varied meals in store for them.

Today I dug up a three-foot length of cast-iron guttering, and the bolt from a door. Last week I dug up half the bottom left jaw of a set of false teeth. Last month I dug up a clothes-drying rack. Last year I dug up a whole Hoover cylinder vacuum cleaner. I'm not altogether sure why these things are buried in my back garden.
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